Peebles March Riding and Beltane Queen Festival

Peebles Beltane Festival

Peebles March Riding and Beltane Queen Festival 

Beltane Festival 2022
19th - 26th June

Our week long Beltane festival has been celebrated since 1897 (though its roots stretch much further back in time) and the organisers strive to uphold its ancient traditions. 

The last 2 years have been tough. However for 2022 the Beltane Festival is back in its full glory. Our Cornet Elect Iain Mitchell and Lass Becca Lumsden are ready to take on the role of leading our great festival. Queen Elena is getting her court ready and Wardens Alastair and Aftab are preparing their addresses. Crowning Lady Margot is trying to contain her excitment and Proclaimer Nathaniel is finding nothing too tall an order.

Everyone is ready to go.


It is customery for Peeblean Exiles to think of home during the flaming months of June. These thoughts then turn to words and in the past they have sent telegrams to be read out on Red Letter Day to congratulate the Queen, her court and all that is Beltane.

Send a telegram to the Beltane Queen - HERE

We are intending to live stream some of the events.

You can watch the live streams in our Facebook page.

We will then post them on our Youtube Channel

If you cant get online why dont you come and join us.