Peebles March Riding and Beltane Queen Festival

Beltane Monday - School Disco

For 2021 Only:-

It is virtual Disco Night.
Email to get your unique code for this fantastic event. 

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The Monday evening is a small break in the week for the adults but the Childrens Disco held in the Drill hall for the Primary school children deliver enough energy for all the people of the town.

The disco is divided into two:-

6.00pm - 7.15pm Primary 3,4,5

7.30pm - 9.00pm Primary 6,7

Please note: It is requested that all parents collect their children promptly from the Primary 3,4,5 dance to minimize the congestion.

Once its time to go, the Beltane Queen is escorted home by the Cornet Elects Lass and her supporters to the tunes of Peebles Pipe Band.

Beltane committee members and assistants will be on duty to assist and run the event. Parents should however note that the committee is responsible only for the event and cannot stop children leaving the disco as and when they want, bearing in mind that some parents are happy for children to leave and walk home and some obviously are not.

It is the parents responsibility to instruct their children to either remain in the hall or follow other instructions.  If parents feel their children will not follow their instructions then the committee are happy for parents to remain in the vicinity of the hall.

The committee are very well aware of the high spirits and excitement generated at such an event, after all that’s part of Beltane. They will not however tolerate bullying or vandalism so parents are urged to instruct children on the behaviour expected of them.