Peebles March Riding and Beltane Queen Festival

Beltane Thursday - Concert

The Beltane Concert and Novice Ride

The Beltane Concert takes place on the Thursday evening.

As a trial in 2015, prior to the Concert, a new Novice Ride will be held, starting at 6 pm, for led horses. The ride will see the Cornet and Lass leading the novice riders, who have collected in Kingsmeadows car park, cross Tweed Bridge and turn into the High Street, down the Northgate to ford the ‘cuddy’ up along March Street turning into Montgomery Place and down Elcho Street Brae. From here riders will again go up the High Street via the Cuddy Bridge before turning down Tweed Brae, along Tweed Green then heading up Port Brae, turn left on to Tweed Bridge and back to Kingsmeadows car Park.

The Concert consists of bands, school children’s performances and other entertaining activities. The first act are due to start at 7.30 pm.  As well as the Concert entertainment, there are a few other important activities which take place during the evening.

The soon to be elected Beltane Queen pins the names of her Chief Maid and First Courtier on the Queen’s Standard. The Cornet, installed the previous evening will be welcomed by the Festival Chairman.

After the concert, we have the Cornet’s Walk. This is where the Cornet, his Lass and supporters, accompanied by the Band, and of course the enthusiastic followers, will escort the Beltane Queen home.

Tickets are available at the door, there is no advance ticket sales so arrive early to avoid disappointment.